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Hannah’s 11-year-old daughter was chatting with a friend on Facebook and was asked to turn on the webcam. Her older sister had it and all the kids at school were talking about it; she said she felt left out,” Hannah wrote for “She would pester me daily: ‘It’s not fair, Maddy has it, Kate has it, why can’t I have it?

It often starts with a relatively harmless behavior such as excessive masturbation while watching porn.

Over time, however, it typically leads to other types of sexual activity that may be very risky or blatantly dangerous.

“I failed to educate my daughter about the exact nature of how paedophiles work: Did I assume he would have been dressed up as The Big Bad Wolf with the words ‘sex offender’ tattooed onto his face?

Once the high wears off, the vicious cycle starts all over again.

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