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” Yeah, it’s hard, but the straighter you play it the funnier it is. The dick monster has come up in every interview so far. It’s the internet age buddy, that’s never going away. Do you guys get to do a lot of improv with this show? It seems like Simon came into this with a very clear vision. How was the show pitched to you, or how would you pitch it to audiences?

The pilot walks sort of the perfect line on that, tonally. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on set so far? ANDRE: Yeah, we get to improv a lot, which is awesome. Originally Liz wasn’t Jay’s sister, originally Liz was my girlfriend and Mike and Liz were swingers in an open relationship, but I think they wanted to keep me clearly single and have a stuffy, more successful older sister.

He decided to get off “depressing dating websites” and post a letter about himself to a pole, relying purely on fate.

Hobbies: Being fucking cool, hanging out in places I don’t know exist yet because they are so on it, one upping each other on the best croissant places, name dropping, drinking obnoxious cocktails Looking For: Someone who is just as cool. A girl who is good at talking you out of brawling with guys at the bar who look at you the wrong way.Maybe impossible to get into if you're older than 40.single and just out of college?A single guy in Toronto is taking a different approach to dating in the city.She doesn’t mind your messy as fuck apartment and the fact you still don’t know how to do laundry.This boy is a handful, be prepared to bring him late night coffee while he crams for his exams last minute because he didn’t go to class all semester because he prioritized dating you and tequila. Also likes flaunting their super successful life on instagram.

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