Who is jeff lewis dating

If this gets worse and I don't want to do this anymore, what does that look like?He does not specifically mention if his confession is in regards to Gage or a client, as Jeff continued his successful house flipping and interior design businesses during the impending arrival of his daughter. CDT, shows Jeff and his team decorating and flipping homes in their signature chaotic, witty, and sometimes caustic style.We heard him give a personal speech in 2012 at San Francisco's Design Center.I would love for her to have that same amazing life. The article notes that when Jeff asks his employees who they work for, he tells them, “You work for Monroe Christine Lewis.Because it doesn’t feel like work to me.” Monroe is the first child for Jeff and his partner, Gage Edward. That’s who we all work for now.” Check out more Jeff, below.And considering they had some struggles along the way before Monroe was conceived via a surrogate, Jeff doesn't take the responsibility of fatherhood lightly.

Jeff Lewis is back on Bravo as season eight of his show Flipping Out kicks off. It turns out that there's a lot more to Jeff than his reputation for witty one-liners on Bravo.The couple were clearly overcome with emotional as they held their child for the first time. 'That first night she came home and she screamed, that started the next three months of holy s***, what did we do? Soon after, Lewis is seen venting about his relationship to someone in his office, saying: 'We're brewing for a huge f***ing fight.' That fight comes fast and unfolds in front of Jeff's business partner Jenni Pulos.'Now that it's so easy to feed her, why don't you start feeding her at seven? In another scene where he and Pulos are driving in Los Angeles, she tells Jeff that she hopes he returns to the San Fernando Valley area of LA.'I think I'll be coming back alone..a single dad,' Jeff warns.' Gage asks his partner.'If you give up that morning feeding, then I'm wondering what's your contribution? Lewis is then seen at what appears to be a therapy session, divulging about a possible legal battle.'I thought about going to see an attorney and just preparing myself.

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