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Pérez's ceiling time will be a little different this Valentine's Day: He'll be staring up for the first time as a married man.

Martin Stephens was imprisoned almost 13 years ago, after he pleaded guilty to possession of an air rifle in public, at the scene of a robbery at a branch of Tesco in north London. The men who were charged with the robbery and theft of £580 served less than a year in prison.But Stephens, who was charged with only possession, is still inside.Now 51, he has no set release date, and no immediate prospect of being given one. Because Stephens was given a sentence of imprisonment for public protection (IPP).Ninety percent of people ask me why I was in there and I tell them, but they don't believe it.Knowing me now, they don't believe that could've happened. When I left I sent back thank-you notes to five guys who were still there.

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